Pike County, IL

Forms of Payment

It is our office policy that no personal checks will be accepted for payment

Opening of Court

All persons who are

There should be no talking

Court Attire

Male attorneys should

Court clerks and probation

Court reporters should

Bailiffs should wear

No caps or hats may

Litigants, witnesses

No vulgar language should

No outerwear such as

Food, Drink and Tobacco

No food should be consumed

No coffee or soft drinks

No gum or ice should

No tobacco products

Conduct During Court

Counsel should stand

Counsel should not engage

Counsel should not approach

No one should possess

No one should read newspapers

Counsel should remain

Counsel should not personalize

Attorneys and court


Counsel should mark

They should be marked

When practicable, copies

Exhibits should not

Posession and responsibility